Every society has its freaks. In the music landscape, the freaks would typically be those in the rock and metal crowd – the ones who like their music darker and edgier than the so-called normal people. But even among this crowd, there’s got to be those freakier than the rest. Which begs the question – who’s the freak’s freak?

Enter Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus.

Formed in 2009, Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus exploded into their local music scene with a sound and image unlike anything people around them had seen or heard before: a mix of avant-garde metal, symphonic rock, and psychobilly delivered with a ghoulish yet compelling sense of showmanship. From the start and until this day, the band’s signature blend of musicality and macabre theatricality, aptly dubbed “horror rock”, has always set them apart from the rest.

Go Go Dance Music Video BTS (2010)


Defying all expectations for such an unconventional band, Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus’s debut album “Horror Scene” was well received by fans and critics alike – earning the band various awards such as the Favorite Indie Band at the 2010 MYX Music Awards. The debut single “Go Go Dance On My Grave” stayed at #1 on the local charts for 4 weeks. Subsequent singles “Haunted Wonderland” and “Grease Gas and Glory” followed to the top of the charts afterwards.

Horror Scene (2010)


The success of “Horror Scene” empowered the Boneyard Circus to spread their distinctive brand of melodic mayhem to thousands of eager listeners. Notable shows during this era included the hallowed NU Rock Awards, PULP Summer Slam (XI and XIII), Shadows Fall Live in Manila, The ‘Stig Awards, the first Rakrakan Festival, and the JD Set by Jack Daniels, where they were named the first “Chosen One” by the esteemed scotch whisky company. It was this honor that led to the Boneyard Circus’s first performance outside their home country – the Jack on the Rocks festival in Cambodia.

The Great Fall Onto Madness album (2014)


Even with their accomplishments, the Boneyard Circus never lost their drive to create new musical monsters. In March 2014, the band released their sophomore album “The Great Fall Onto Madness”, distributed by MCA Music (Universal Records Philippines). The second record saw the Boneyard Circus evolved their trademark style into something both harder hitting and more diverse, explored genres such as funk rock, symphonic metal and even gangsta rap. Like its predecessor, “The Great Fall Onto Madness” proved to be a success, as the lead single “Ghost Train” went on to become the longest running #1 single on Rakista Radio, as well as a fan favorite at live performances. Other singles released from this album include heavy hitters “Crooked Faces” and “Her Last Drop.”

Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus performing at the Jack Daniels Indiefest 2016


The “Great Fall” era saw the Boneyard Circus continue to reach great heights, as their patented horror rock sound won over audiences at shows such as Sinulog Blast Off in Cebu, Jack Daniel’s Indie Fest, Jack Daniel’s Indie Music Awards, Fete de la Musique, the Dutdutan Tattoo Expo, Intramuros Rising, and Rakrakan Festival, among others. This period also saw the band become brand ambassadors for apparel company Dickies, as well as being named Artist of the Year at the Philippine Indie Rock Awards in 2015.

Take Me Down music video directed by Pedring Lopez


At the present time, Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus is in the middle of production for their highly anticipated third studio album “The Grand Phantasma” at one of the top recording studios in Southeast Asia, Tower Of Doom. Geared to be the band’s heaviest and most pristine sounding record yet, “The Grand Phantasma” is slated for a 2018 release under the Tower Of Doom Music imprint. Lead single “Take Me Down” features a cinematic music video produced by BlackOps Studios Asia and directed by veteran filmmaker Pedring A. Lopez. “Take Me Down” is currently on rotation on terrestrial radio as well as music channels MYX and MTV Philippines, and like the rest of the band’s back catalogue, is available on leading digital music stores and streaming services.

Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus performing at Freaks Come Out 2016


Despite trends coming and going throughout their existence, Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus has proven that the freaks among freaks are here to stay. With an exceptional commitment to delivering a special experience with every performance and release, the Boneyard Circus is poised to continue to capture the eyes, ears and imaginations of fans looking for a true musical spectacle.

The freaks have come out. And now they’re taking over.

Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus is Bones Frankenstein on vocals, “Doc” Alvin Chan and Karl Kliatchko on guitars, Carissa Ramos on bass, Karl “Wolf” Vito Cruz on keys, Jovic “The Beast” De Leon on drums, and Xombie on backing vocals and technology.